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The Economic Times Enterprise Security Summit
India is a growing market for tech start-ups and the recent government initiatives like the “Digital India” Program and “Demonetization” have introduced Indian consumers to a whole new technology arena. Consumers are inclined on becoming more dependent on technology to shop, bank, learn, communicate, travel, etc and organizations are looking at ways and methods to digitally transform their businesses making Enterprise security an integral part of any corporate’s more

Recently, India faced the largest nancial data breaches ever with 3.2 million debit card details being stolen, leaving the costumers vulnerable. This is said to be the biggest rupture in the country’s banking system. India is at the beginning of a Digital Revolution which will empower people and organizations but will also increase the risk from a variety of known and unknown sources. The Centre for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee estimated that cybercrime alone cost the global economy US$ 445 billion.

Consumer’s personal nances, business operations and national infrastructure are being managed via some form of a computer network and this increases the vulnerability to attacks. IoT, VR, wearables and mobility are a growing reality which are opening newer avenues for increased eciency as well as vulnerability and interconnected consequences. These risks have made it important for businesses and organizations speed up their development of prevention and response methods. The major challenges businesses and organizations are facing today are to understand the risks, lack of competent technical talent and the geo political scenario. Self-Driven cars, unmanned-planes, integrated healthcare and educational systems, cashless economies are no longer just buzz words, they are today’s reality and the growing risk of Enterprise security has made it imperative for organizations to be cyber resilient and prepared against a cyber-attack or breach.